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This project, produced for Teena Walker-Robin, required a friendly wizard character to help guide staff through a set of purchase authorization forms (for Sprint Research). Yes, I know, exciting isn't it ;o) Teena's requirements allowed use of existing data from previous wizard character work. The only modifications necessary were new poses, basic colour scheme adjustment, and final image rendering.

Character poses

Below are the six images provided for integration into the "PA Wizard RADweb" form - it's quite a mouthful of a title! These images were provided with alpha channels allowing for possible changes to the final background interface colour. He's got a certain charm about him but could perhaps do with a few props to help him better communicate...

Thinking Confused Indicate Left
Welcome Looking Down Complete

Interface screen shots

Screen shots from the completed interface design courtesy of Teena Walker-Robin. Originally, she had intended to use the Microsoft Merlin Agent; but did not want the overhead and install requirements in using the full Microsoft Agent API.

Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot

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