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This personal project is set in a world where characters live in a gloomy, moisture laden and flooded rain-forest. The series of images shown here are from an early 500 frame (25fps PAL) render of the opening sequence (November 1996). If I get some space to set up my old Amiga, I'll grab some of what were the newer renders before I ditch the old work.

The water (environment reflections here are missing), trees (these stills were low-res textures) and haze had been improved. I'm trying to port some of the ideas and story over to Hash Inc. Animation:Master - it may take me a while to get back to this stage but the story board is solid and worth fully animating when I have time.

The images below have no post processing, out side of the Imagine renderer, which I think was quite a feat for it's time. Imagine had very powerfull textures and rendering abilities but last time I used it (many years ago now), there were only limited character animation tools. Animation:Master however has very powerful character tools, the area I was having most difficulty with using Imagine.

Wildlife Frames

Opening series 1st frame

Closeup of still frame 1 - camera follows two dragonflies darting through beams of light.


Opening series 197th frame

A still of frame 197 - nice lens flare moment as dragonfly pass in front of the camera. Maybe a little too much of a stereotype CGI shot these days...


Opening series frame 478

Close-up of still frame 478 - camera closes in on a slug making it's way down a tree trunk, ready for the edit to the next shot.


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