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Meet Slusho, one of the character extras from Boids Of A Feather, a trailer for Hash Inc. at SIGGRAPH 1999. He's the Cuckoo Clubs resident drunk; drinking his way into his own private bird heaven. He doesn't take much notice of all the heavy mob action going on as long as he's got an open bottle on the go.

Slusho had purely acting role, no dialogue, only needing to be seen (from the waist up) passing-out behind a bar in one scene. His bone setup, pose sliders, and mesh were kept simple given his brief appearance and the number of other characters that still needed work for project completion.

Images shown below are purely test renders produced for the rest of the team while working up the model, textures, and rigging. I should really pull up the data and re-render him in some shots showing personality - maybe later :o)

Body Render Head Shot Default Pose Head Shot

Team production notes

For those who are curious, I've left the original Slusho notes that the Boids Of A Feather team shared during character revisions. Nothing too exciting but it gives a general feel to how the remote team needed to work.

[15th May 1999]
Materials have been adjusted so that Slusho and SlushoHomberg look better against Mick in his shot. See example render. -GaryM

[2nd April 1999]
Material updates. Minor mesh tweaks. New Eyes. No facial setups yet. Out of interest, leg setup and CP allocation is way out on this guy - so no one try to make him walk ;-) -GaryM

[27th January 1999]
Added SlushoHomberg hat in Slusho_Props. -GaryM

[24th January 1999]
Slusho is completely setup and ready for testing. Note that his legs don't move as they are not seen by the camera. --TGF

[17th January 1999]
Slusho model mesh data only, ready for Mick style default skeletal setup. Hat model to be added later. Let me know once it's constrained and I'll add surface textures and start on the facial poses. -GaryM

Mesh only render

Finally, here's one of the very early renders of Slusho before his textures had been added. It's useful to work like this early on in the character design stage so as to get a clear view of the underlying shape without being distracted by surface texturing. You can see his feet are pretty poorly detailed; but then again, he was only needed for a waist up shot :o)

Original work in progress render

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