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This is Roger, he's a simple sheep character originally built for some of my own personal exploratory cartoon style animation tests. I've since used this little chap, Roger to his friends, in some escapades into developments for interactive avatars, but he's still good for trying out short animations as his setup's so simple to push around and modify. Roger is shown below in some of the standard poses; well, either that or he's been drinking the sheep dip again... Roger!!

Curious Panic Looking Handstand Default Pose

Avatar update

Originally, an avatar version of Roger was tested using a mixture of animated gif's driven through a simple set of JavaScripts way back in 1998; it was hidden on my home page for the inquisitive ;o) Back then, however, web browser compatibility and download bandwidth were a technical challenge but these issues have reduced somewhat. I have a reworked avatar technique using Flash media to improve the AI (artificial intelligence) scripting and reduced the overall animation file size requirements.

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