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These still images are from a scene in a possible character short I've been dabbling with for a while in my spare time. Set in a gloomy, flooded rain-forest, this scene is part of an opening tracking shot of two dragonfly like insects, darting between the trees and sun beams - setting scene and leading the camera towards the main character of the short story.

The environment was initially built from a few very simple, non-textured, non-coloured models (see last two example images at the bottom of the page) to help keep the form and composition clean. Basic bump and displacement textures have since been added to the trees and water surface. A canopy silhouette decal on a backing screen and partially reflective ground plane also adds a little extra detail to the image. Scene statistics are: 11 trees at 236 patches each, 1 fallen trunk at 172 patches, 10 volumetric lights and 3 additional scene lights. Needs more work but it's fine for just now...

Forest Swamp Scene Forest Swamp Scene

Original work in progress shots

Here are two of the early rainforest renders - using only very simple extruded shapes to create the needed scenes. Colour and texture were specifically left out at this stage so as to focus on shape and lighting.

Work-in-progress Render Work-in-progress Render

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