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Big Bunny is stylized character sample, based on original 2D character sketches by Robert Taylor (AKA. Bob Taylor). Other characters produced for the same project include Bad Kitty and Nesto. The main requirement was to bring alive the lively 2D pencil drawings into the 3D medium, ready for animation. The mesh for Big Bunny is kept very simple - along with the IK skeleton rig controls for both upper and lower body movements. Nulls are used at the wrists and ankles with Aim At constraints on the biceps and thighs keep the limbs bending in a natural direction while still allowing flexible posing and animation.

Big Bunny has appeared a number of times - most notably for the users of Hash Inc. Animation Master where he was shown on their manual cover, inside the manual back pages and on some Hash Inc. brand merchandising (back in 1998).

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